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dvd фильм Деф Леппард    

dvd фильм Деф Леппард / Def Leppard "Historia" & "In the round, in your face" (r9) ( 2001 )

In the mid and late 1980s, Def Leppard was the biggest-selling rock band around, and the two programs on this DVD collection hark back to the British quintet`s commercial heyday. Historia is an 85-minute look at the band`s videos circa 1980-1988, from its debut, "Hello America," to its huge radio hits "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Love Bites." These videos, either silly "concepts" or lip-synched performances, are par for the early-MTV course. In the Round, in Your Face is a 90-minute concert culled from the 1988 Hysteria world tour; the excited fans are as much the show as the band, especially when hit after hit, from the opening "Stagefright" to the closing "Photograph," is played.

Def leppard "Historia" (History/Videoclips 1980-1988):
01. Hello America
02. Let it go
03. High `n` dry
04. Bringin` on the Heartbreak (version 1 with Pete Willis)
05. Photograph
06. Rock of ages
07. Foolin`
08. Too late for love
09. Rock! rock! (`til you drop)
10. Bringin` on the heartbreak (version 2 with Phil Collen)
11. Me and my wine
12. Women
13. Animal
14. Pour some sugar on me (U.K. version)
15. Hysteria
16. Armageddon It (live)
17. Pour some sugar on me (U.S. version)
18. Love bites

Def leppard "In the round in your face" (Concert filmed at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado 12/13.02.1988):
01. Stagefright
02. Rock! rock! (`til you drop)
03. Women
04. Too late for love
05. Hysteria
06. Gods of war
07. Die hard the hunter
08. Bringin` On the Heartbreak
09. Foolin`
10. Armageddon it
11. Animal
12. Pour some sugar on me
13. Rock of ages
14. Photograph

Цена: 350 р.

DVD диск

1 ерунда
2 так себе
3 не плохо
4 хорошо
5 супер фильм

Оценка фильма 5
Голосовало 3 чел.

Качество диска: DVD-9
Жанр фильма: Музыка / DVDR
Производство: Universal Pictures
Регион: all
Экран: 4:3
Звук: Dolby Surround 2.0
Дополнительные материалы: 
 - анимированное меню
- интервью (11 мин.)
- бонус видео (20 мин.):
1. Promises
2. Goodbye
3. Slang
4. Work it out
5. All i want is everything
- дискография
Субтитры: portuguese, spanish
Продолжительность: 1 час 26 минут / 1 час 31 минута

2002 DVD mania.ru
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